Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You probably don't know it, but you're the person that drew me to baseball.

You're the reason why I went on to play baseball.

You're the reason why I love baseball.

And last Tuesday I had the opportunity to finally give thanks.

I kind of feel like you left on odd terms. It seemed incomplete and unfinished.

I know I was only to be there in person to cheer you on a handful of times in my life, but rest assured I did everything I could to hop on KNBR 680 and catch every pitch, every picture perfect swing, and that intense glare.

What does Kruk call it? The "Nuschler".

As you walked from the right field fence towards the outfield, I cheered as loud as I could. I wanted to let you know that I remembered everything about your game and everything you did for not only the Giants as a team, but us fans. Then I stopped to listen. The cheers became louder and louder and more intense than anything we heard all day. It was as if not only me, but everyone in the stadium felt that way at that very moment.

I had to fight back tears, partially because it was such a touching moment, but mostly because I felt what previously seemed "incomplete" was finally laid to rest. It's been just over 20 years since I first saw you play and you still make me feel like a 7 year old kid, anticipating the first pitch of the game.

It's the same feeling I get before every Giants baseball game I watch.