Wednesday, February 23, 2005

When you work 12 hours a night doing pretty much nothing but watching TV and surfing the Internet (and fighting the urge to risk your job by looking at porn from your desk), you run into shit like this:

And I can dig it. Tons of movies. Tons of slip ups. Check out your favorite movie. I'm sure someone fucked up. ain't no joke...

Round 1 - Bastitch vs. Muscle 68

Yeah, no upsets here.

Round 2 - Bing's Bangs vs. Leah's Boobs

No upsets here, either.

Round 3
Ryan having sex with a middle-aged Brazilian chick vs Drinking the sweat off of Kool Keith's balls

You heard it here folks. The upset of the century.

Friday, February 18, 2005

On the corner of King and 3rd st.... can't help but notice and love San Francisco's desire to find new and agressive methods of promoting safe sex.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The music we listen to is the soundtrack of our lives.

That's nothing new. I'm sure you've heard that before. But it takes on even more relevant meaning when you think about how certain songs seem to yank memories from the past and make them so vivid you feel like it just happened yesterday.

There's that commercial out now that refers to scent as the strongest sense linked to memory. But it's hard to argue against sense of sound, and and more specifically, music. It is one of the most literal forms of artistic expression. Unlike other forms of art such as painting or dance, music leaves little to interpretation yet Not only can the lyrics describe emotion and a state of being, but the melody itself is a form of descriptive expression. You can even dig further and look into the tone of the voice, voice inflection, and cadence as evidence of this unique art of expression.

This identification of music's place within our lives has even seeped into our everyday language. The coordination of cohesive but seperate parts in a beautiful manner are described as a "symphony" or "melodic". Good news is "music to the ears". When all is well, we are living in "harmony". These metaphors are not the product of coincidence. There is a reason why we associate music with happiness, joy, and well-being, and vice-versa.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

San Francisco is filled with some of the most politically active people in the world.

You could pick any day of the week in downtown San Francisco, whether it be a busy Saturday filled with tourists and shoppers, or a relatively quiet Wednesday morning, and you'll see people picketing outside their least favorite stores.

Outside Nieman Marcus? People handing out flyers about animal cruelty, and the immorality of wearing fur. NikeTown? Yeah, child labor. I heard. Gap on the corner of Powell and Market? Yeah, I hear they're having child labor issues as well. Kentucky Fried Chicken? Animal cruelty.

Wait, what?

Animal cruelty?

At a restaurant?

Now we're talking chicken. K-F fuckin' C.

They kill chicken to make fried chicken?

Now, I know there may be some treatment issues. Like free range vs. caged, etc. And mistreating animals is kind of fucked up. But honestly, is that a battle that really needs to be fought? Should people really put in time and effort into protecting animals that are specifically bred for consumption?

I mean, there are hundreds of human issues that seem thousands of times more worthwhile.

But oh well. There I go again, worrying about what other people do. Find something to worth living for or something worth dying for.

Credit, whoever the hell said that.