Monday, January 31, 2005

Oh shit, dude.

I just found one of those "Kill an hour doing absolutely nothing" websites.

Go to the site.

Click random.

Now you're surfing through a plethora of images.

Completely random images.

Sure, there's some porn.

But damn, there's some crazy shit, too.

Shit that'll make you laugh out loud.

And shit that'll make you say, "Ummm, huh?"

But yeah. You get the point. Enjoy.

I did it again.

I went on one of those rampages through the Blogger world that I do from time to time.

I tried studying for one of my certification tests, but it just got boring.

So here I was clicking "Next Blog".

Over and over and over again.

I went around the world in 80 clicks.



The Philippines.




Saudi Arabia.

Could I read half of them?

Hell no.

And those are just the 13-year olds with fonts you simply can't read.

Or the people that choose to express themselves through written text but refuse to spell words in their entirety.

For the record,

"r" = "are".

Sure. I can dig it.

But for some people, "r" = "our", which is just plain retarded.

"lv" and "hv" are "love" and "have" respectively. Uhh. Okay. I'll still following.


The use of "lol"...fine. I can deal with that.

But never...EVER...will I tolerate "lolz".


What the fuck is that shit?

Is that the pluralization of "LOL"?

Can you even pluralize "LOL"?

Probably not.

Either way, it's intolerable.

I can dig stories, though.

Good stories, at least.

I also like journal/diary type entries.

Okay, maybe I don't.

I wouldn't bore you with an account of my past 24 hours that includes what I ate for breakfast and what Jane told me during lunch.

I REALLY like blogs that list open MP3 directories.

Those are awesome.

But, I absolutely dread blogs that have music autostart when the page loads.

That's just plain inconsiderate.

And a Java pop-up when the page load?

Fuck you.

Lots and lots of pictures?


Interesting wordplay?

Bring them on.

Colorful metaphors and vivid descriptions?

English is a beautiful language when put in the mouths of those who understand its power and beauty.

I guess it is safe to say that blogs can't please everbody.

Hell, some blogs can't please anybody.

But there's enough fun out there for everybody to enjoy.

And you knew that.


Group Therapy

"...supposed to be overly excited to be seen, but that's ain't who we are..."

Sunday, January 30, 2005

"...feelin' confident, not to be confused with your cockiness.."

Last Tuesday night marked my final night of class at St. Mary's college of California.

That night, I presented my Senior Project. It was a project that I conducted at my workplace and was the design and implementation of a training procedure for new employees in my department. It was the end of a journey. And it was literally my coming out party. I was in my element. And after it was done, I felt a combination of relief and unadulterated joy. But it was the complete opposite of what I was going through the night before.

The night before, I was at work typing it all out and putting the finishing touches on it. I was scrambling to get done what I had over 6 months to work on. I got it all the documents together, noted the dividers for the attached appendices, three-hole punched each sheet of paper, and placed them in the binder. When I completed it, I held it in front of me and damn near cried. It was literally the culmination of what I had been working towards for the past 18 months. But now I'm done, and for that I'm thankful for.

As far as the presentation was concerned, I killed. It was enough where people felt compelled to stand up and applaud. I was amazed myself that it went as well as it did. I was the youngest person in the room by 10 years. But the way I handled myself, not only during the presentation, but the 18 months in class as well, placed me as a peer among my older and more experienced classmate. Not a week passed without a compliment from a classmate. It is because of that that I am especially proud.

Now I stand on top of the hill. The hill I was fighting to get to the top of for the past 18 months. At the top of this hill, I have an epiphany. This is only a foothill of the mountain I am about to work my way up. Wish me luck, and stand behind me in case I fall. Because I know I will. And I know you'll be there to pick me up, dust me off, and send me on my way.


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

"...because you can't, you won't, and you don't stop..."

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12317731778312 1114317 9863125 1113123 743 5417? 1 607 1774 711257 986312 117 93. 17 11185 71157 11153 743 0173 117 743 910711123 880113. 17 11185 811 6000 11177111 1774 1770177 851530 1773 7012 1774 17111778312. 74317 743 170113174 07 48111176 8 986312 71178114 12817 0117.

743 8357 741176 880117 8 986312? 4011 812317'7 71157 8 940173 0811 811184. 111174 8 986312, 4011 0817 81111845 584 "5012124. 1 00111017'7 637 70 8 940173".

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Phone sex.

It's the next level.

People think they're above it.

Not me.

I'm down.

I think someone's voice is a lot sexier than most realize.

It's more than just jacking off while on the phone.

It's an exercise of sexual fantasy.

Who's around?

No one.

Who can hear you?

Who cares?

Talking about what could happen?


Talking about what should happen?

Really sexy.

Don't sweat the technique.

Sometimes, you don't even have time to handle your business.

You're going to jack off anyway?

Why not share it with someone you love?

If not in person, why not over the phone?

Keep it different.

Keep it spicy.

Keep within the relationship.

The benefits outweigh the cost.

You can do it.

Call her on her way to work and put a make her giggle like a school girl.

Call him at work an make it so he can't get up from out of his desk for a while.

Think you got it in you?

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

It's kind of fun being in the job hunt again. Don't get it twisted. I don't hate my current job. I just like to keep my options open and leave room for improvement. I think at this stage in my life, with me finishing up school and 1 year completed at my first "real job", complacency is Public Enemy #1.

We get comfortable in our lives. It's natural. We as humans are very ritualistic. We like knowing what's going to happen next. But this desire to remain comfortable leaves us susceptible to stagnation. Being stagnant is the very last thing I want to experience at this stage in my life. I look at myself, how I am, and how I go about doing certain things, and I see a flawed human being living a flawed life. There is always room for improvement. But when we get to a specific comfort level, sometimes we fail to acknowledge these flaws. And if we do acknowledge them, we fail to take steps to repairing these flaws.

So now I'm back out there looking for ways to improve my situation. Now that a degree is literally days from being attained, I'm looking for a better, more rewarding job. I'm even considering going to graduate school to further pursue knowledge and wisdom. I really think that learning is a life-long journey, and once we give up on learning, we again, become complacent.

Things are good, but they definitely could be better. And they will be better.


Sunday, January 16, 2005

Something out of something.

There's this misconception that some people have in relation to these two men. Supposedly, these two men had opposing ideologies. One is perceived as a peaceful man who stood his grown through civil disobendience. The other was a more intimidating and forceful embodiment of the militant black civil rights movement.

During his days as a top minister within the ranks of Elijah Muhammed's Nation of Islam, Malcolm Little, then and now known as Malcolm X, never held his tongue when describing the work of anti-segregation activists, such as Dr. Martin Luther King. He described them as "Uncle Toms", today's equivalent of a "sell-out". He questioned why black men and women would want to integrate into a society that hates them. In order for there to be equality in America, Malcolm believed that the black community would need to rise up independently. Through empowerment and self-reliance, the black community could avoid racial inequality and bigotry on all levels. Dr. King, on the other hand, believed in civil disobedience. Through peaceful protest, slow and incremental changes would be made towards peace and equality.

It's easy to look at the beliefs of Malcolm X and see them as overly militant, or unnecessarily confrontational. It's easy for one to look at these two men and see Dr. King as a benevolent man with ideals that were more "friendly" to the rest of American society. But while we celebrate Dr. King this Monday, and Black History throughout the month of February, let us not forget the value of both of these two men. Although many perceive them as dueling opposites, it is important to see how the contributions of each man have proven to be invaluable to the civil rights movement.

Malcolm X stressed the importance of being empowered as minorities. No longer would people take oppression and discrimination with a smile. From that point on, there would be repercussions for such actions. These concepts were relatively unknown and unpracticed until Malcolm began his journey upwards through the ranks of the Nation of Islam. Many believed that what Malcolm taught was hatred, reverse racism, etc., but not many people understand what he really contributed.

But since this is afterall Dr. King's holiday, I will focus on what made him so special in relation to civil rights and the example he set. Dr. Martin Luther King believed in civil disobedience and carried himself and his protests accordingly. While Malcolm stressed a "by any means necessary" credo where the end justifies the means in the fight for equality, Dr. King embraced a mentality that not only does the end justify means, but the means were just in themselves. His acts were peaceful and benevolent in the same manner that his quest for justice and racial equality were peaceful and benevolent. It's a very special train of thought shared by another well known civil rights leader, Gandhi. We spend a lot of our time pursuing our goals without thinking about how we are going about achieving them. To many of us, the end is all that is important. But is that how we want to live our lives? If you get anything out of this holiday, try to understand what Dr. Martin Luther King stood for and try to incorporate some of the great ideologies that he set forward.

So after all is said and done, one of these men will always have this negative stigma associated with his name and his beliefs, another will always have an American holiday. I may be seem just or unjust, depending on who you talk to, but there is no doubt in my mind that both men are integral parts of the civil rights movement. Their concepts and ideologies will remain with us even after we do finally come to a state known as equality. There are people out there that believe that Dr. King is someone to be celebrated. But I'm not too sure many people out there know why they should be celebrating.

Enlighten yourself. The means justify themselves.