Thursday, July 31, 2003

Cock Dog On A Stick

My friend is driving with his girlfriend in the passenger's seat with me sitting behind her. We're driving down 880 North towards Oakland and I notice that her hand is on his lap as they hold hands. I jokingly say "Hey, hey, hey. None of that shit while I'm in the car." My friend says back "Hey, man. She's trying to grab my cock, dawg."

This is were my mind goes crazy.

"Cock, Dog?.....COCK DOG!.....Is that like a chicken hot dog?......That could work!....We could have "Cock Dog On A Stick" kiosks at every mall across America.....What would the employees at "Cock Dog On A Stick" wear?...And exactly would be in their lemonade at "Cock Dog On A Stick"?.......

That shit is nuts, man. Cock. Dog.

Friday, July 25, 2003

I decided to stay home from work today because

a) I wanted to see my son longer than the 2 minutes I see him awake before I leave for work
b) I stayed up late watching Terminator 3 last night
c) I literally have 1 pair of clean underwear and had to do my laundry

T3 by itself was an average movie at best. As the conclusion to a trilogy, I think T3 was an excellent movie. Although I though it was a little on the short side (a little under 1:45), I loved how it helped weave together all three movies and it even made sense! It wasn't as visually impressive as T2 was at it's time, but the storyline helps me give this a thumbs up.

Thumbs up to Bad Boys 2 as well. But since I'm sure everybody's seen that, I'll leave it at that.

I bit my lip twice in the same spot in 3 days. Someone is either talking tons of shit about me a lot or I have fucked up teeth.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

I feel like she wants me to listen. She tells me she wants to talk. When I talk she doesnt' like what I say. Now I miss listening. To anything.
Mousepad Confessions

D0NNIEVEGA [10:09 PM]: have you ever had someone tell you that they were "Going to Explode"?

D0NNIEVEGA [10:10 PM]: that shit is empowering

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Saturday, July 05, 2003

Last Saturday, I was at Pac Bell Park in San Francisco for "On-field Photo Day" with the San Francisco Giants. Great experience. I got to be up close and personal with a lot of great baseball players and at the same time I did so on one of the greatest fields in baseball history. Here are a few pictures of the day.

It's Onfield Photo Day!!

Admiring The Stadium

Barry Bonds Home Run Tracker

Coke Bottle, Yo


Best Grass EVER. Seriously. EVER.

Great End To A Great Day

So on the way to the car, who do we see? JEFF GARCIA!

I spent today tearing down a cement/wood fence at the house I grew up at. Being back in Daly City reminds me how "suburban" I've become. The houses were too damn close together. The streets were too damn dirty. The houses were too damn small. The people walking around were too damn urban.

Honestly, I never felt unsafe or out of place. Before my son was born, I always wanted to move back to The City or Daly City and go back to my roots as a City Kid. But I think the desire to live in the city now directly contradicts my desire to raise my son in a good environment. I mean, damn, the suburbs have become pretty damn "urban". I've witnessed gang fights, shootings, attempted rapes and other typically urban activities. So it's not like I'm trying to isolate him in any way. I just want him to be a kid. I want him to have a childhood.

I look at these kids these days, and they have like a 4 year childhood. By the time they're in 4th grade, they're wearing make up and sagging their pants. Where'd the innocence go? Childhood is fleeting as is. I can't understand these parents that force their kids to grow up and "mature" to adults. They commend 4 year old boys for having "girlfriends". Mother's are dressing their little girls like they're accompanying them to the fuckin' club. I hate that shit. Remember playing on the street? Not playing anything in particular, just fuckin' playing. Elementary schools are now replacing jungle gyms and playgrounds with benches so elementary kids can sit around and gossip about who kissed who or who has the biggest ass. And we're talking about 10, 11 year old kids!!

Ahh, fuck. Whatever. I'm going to teach my son the intagibles. Class, respect and compassion. He will have a damn childhood. Kids are being robbed of their childhood and we wonder why they grow up irresponsible and disrespectful.

Anyway, manual labor is a bitch. I've never worked so hard physically in a long time. Fuck cement. Fuck wood. Fuck going to the dump. Fuck seagulls. Fuck eating with dirty hands. And Fuck chocolate mint ice cream while you're at it.