Wednesday, March 19, 2003

A Quick Laugh

You Don't Know Jack

Warning, this Flash page has sound.....

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Playground Mommies

I take my son to the local playgrounds regularly, but last Wednesday I decided to take him to a playground in the next town over (Benicia), where the people present are usually rich white mothers with their kids running around like they lost their allowance. I couldn't help but notice that parked alongside my 1998 Mystic Teal Toyota Corolla in the street adjacent to the playground were numerous SUV's, Benz's and Lexus'. It's really not a feeling akward because it's been current trend that cars are the ultimate status symbol in society because it is mobile and can be shown off to everybody driving by (Hell, Lebron James and countless Californians with those new H2 Hummers can't be wrong). It also wasn't the fact that we were the only people on the playground with a distinct skin pigmentation. If you spend enough time in Benicia, you'll notice that there isn't much diversity. Then I realized it:

What made me uncomfortable was being the "Young Parent At the Playground With His Kid".

I could see the looks of confusion when I refered to Jayden as my son. I could notice people eyeing me wondering if he was my little brother or if I was another victim of another teen pregnancy. I'm sure the people didn't mean it, but I couldn't help but notice it.

Am I paranoid? Ahh, who cares?

How Deep Is Your Love?

This past Saturday, the Jordan Brand "Love" truck made it's way to Sacramento (for those wondering, it's NOTHING like the "Bang Bus") . Like the Michael Jordan shoe whore I am, I made the trek to Arden Faire Mall and conversed with shoe geeks from all over the area. Instead of typing out what I did, I'll let the pictures speak words:

Monday, March 10, 2003

Back For The First Time....

It's been a week since I've "blogged" and it took Leah to get me to blog again. I don't know what happened. Oh well, back in the saddle....

Last Tuesday I finally attended my first Golden State Warriors game versus the Pacers with a group of friends and man did I have fun! The day started with Hennessy and Coke in the parking lot and ended with vomit on my front yard. As usual, alcohol has this effect on me and I was crazy the entire game and I just had to be the center of attention. It's a horrible habit and I think I left an impression on some of my friends that I wish I didn't. If I were a woman, I would be all over those Girls Gone Wild tapes showing my breasts. Hell, what's stopping me now? I have the boobs right now as a man! A "Bro" can't be too far behind....

Oh well, maybe next time I'll remember not to mix Hennessy, MGD and Sam Adams.

With the coming weekend came excellent news: Foot Locker Employee Appreciation days were coming up on the 7th and 8th which is basically why I even bother working at Foot Locker 1 day a week. Employee Appreciation days mean that we employees get 50% off of everything in stock (including sale items). Being that we (my girlfriend and I) are pretty low on money because we had to put down our down payment for our Las Vegas wedding plans, I could only spend about$150 worth of gear (which included two pairs of shoes for myself!!).

I honestly don't know how I'll do when I finally get a real job and be forced to pay retail price for kicks. This stuff is getting more and more expensive and when push comes to shove, it looks like I'll stop with this whole shoe buying thing.

You have no idea.....

Faboo LADI [11:23 PM]: how's Jayden and his lil castle?

D0NNIEVEGA [11:23 PM]: haha, dope

D0NNIEVEGA [11:23 PM]: i took it down

D0NNIEVEGA [11:24 PM]: it takes up too much space

Faboo LADI [11:24 PM]: poor guy, u tore his castle down?

D0NNIEVEGA [11:25 PM]: he stopped usin it

D0NNIEVEGA [11:25 PM]: so i just took it apart

Faboo LADI [11:25 PM]: fickle children

Monday, March 03, 2003

Weekend Update

Again, another weekend passes and I didn't do much of anything. If you haven't noticed yet, I really don't go out much or party (Unlike Leah, who seems to go out and do something damn near every night). But on to a recap none the less...

Saturday was "Cleaning Day" so that's exactly what I did first thing in the morning. My son wanted to set up his new castle/tent that we bought at Ikea for 40 freakin' bucks. The story about us actually buying that piece of crap is actually a decent one: We picked it up thinking that it was only 15 bucks like the other tent that was on display. When we finally paid for it, it turned out that it was 40 bucks. After talking about it w/ my son's mom over lunch, we decided to return it. Turns out, you had to get a number just to wait in line to return something. What kind of bullshit is that? Needless to say, we just left with the intention of coming back and returning it when we could. 2 months later, it comes to my attention that I lost the reciept, meaning we have a new castle/tent type thingy. Whoopee.

Saturday evening led to me assisting my "No Soccer Skills" having nephew with his school science project. My patience ran a little thin after 30 minutes in his presence so I left. Oh well, I'm a dick.

Sunday sucked.