Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Someone Get Me An Attendance Slip....I'm Tardy!

So, I may be a little late with this whole Grammy thing, but damn Norah Jones sure left me feeling refreshed. She has this attitude like "Hey, I'm just here to make my music." No more, no less. I have this bullshit detector when it comes to people in the spotlight, and I always think to myself "If there were no money and no fame associated with the music, would they still be doing it?". With Norah, the answer seems almost too obvious.

BTW, the image of her holding all those Grammy's sure made her extra-attractive. Here's a new Algebraic formula:

Accomplishment + Good Looks + X = HOT with X equalling Cup Size*

*Okay, that was a joke. No need for anti-sexism emails.

"I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Is Gone...."

After a two week span of absolutely stellar weather, Winter finally decided to slap all of us Northern California people in the face with rain and clouds. Reality has set in and now I have to figure out where I'm going to play basketball. I've recently become so comfortable hoopin' with the combination of middle school, high school, and college kids at the court by my house that I'm hesitant to find somewhere else to go. Ah, well. We'll see what happens.

This coming Tuesday will mark the very first Golden State Warriors game I've ever attended live. I've been to a Kings game when I lived just 10 minutes outside of Sacramento, but I really wasn't there to cheer anybody on, but to just be there. The Warriors will be taking on the Pacers and I hope to maybe incite an inner riot inside of Ron Artest's brain so bad that he runs to me at my seat and punches me in the face. I have bills to pay, you know.

I spent yesterday watching my nephew at his soccer game and I came to the conclusion that he sucks at soccer. Just as I walked up to the field, I came just in time to see him kick at a ball and miss by about a foot. What got me even more what that he wasn't even the worst kid on the field. On the way home, I was giving what I think was constructive criticism about him not wanting to "make a play" and not "anticipating the ball". He defended himself by saying that he "was doing his job" and it wasn't his fault that they lost. In a sense he was true, but damn, he still sucks. I was out there and I felt like those "Little League" dad's wanting to scream at him worse than any coach would, but I was too embarassed to let everybody else know that I was even remotely related to him.

Is that wrong? Ah, who cares?

It's been a good month since I hit the slopes and I'm getting anxious. I will admit that I am one of the worst snowboarders I know, but I have seen some improvement in myself. Our last trip to South Tahoe led us to Heavenly, where all the blue and green trails were closed due to racing, and I found myself faced with a double diamond to get back down the hill. In a demonstration of utter wussy-osity, I took the lift back down the hill. Should the lift taking you down the hill be called a "lift"?

Monday, February 24, 2003

Who Said Filipinos Can't Jump?

A set of what I personally think is the funniest pictures I have ever seen on the 'net.... I think Kool Keith will be laughing his ass off......

Friday, February 21, 2003

Staying Home On A Friday Night Doesn't Mean You're A Loser

....At least that what losers say.

After an afternoon of playing basketball today, I stayed home and watched the Golden State Warriors give it to the New York Knicks like a fat man to a 2 dollar slut. I must admit, I have been waiting for this exact resurgence for years now and I can't help but take note. Gilber Arenas is one of the best 2nd year men in the league and I really hope GS finds a way to make him stay in Oakland for years to come.

I finally have links to the blogs of the mere 3 people that have actually read my blog. My goal in life now has become to have at least 10 regular readers. This might be a goal that I may not reach for, let's say, 10 years.

Speaking of "10 years from now", I got my first papers telling me that I have to start paying off my student loan soon. I'm 20,000 dollars in the hole (what is that? like 1 million Canadian?) and it will take 10 years to pay off. Great.

Whoring Isn't A Bad Thing, Is It?

My navigation bar to your left is rather empty. I feel the need to fill it with links to other people's blogs in an attempt to whore my services and to look like people actually read this thing (people except me and Leah). If you want a link to your blog there, let it be known and I'll post them ASAP.

Comments Rule...

Leah, aka Lil Mija inquired after my last post about my shoes. Well, she's one of many people that knows how fanatical I was about sneakers and the rediculous amount of pairs I owned. In all honestly, I have cut back on buying shoes and have become content with the shoes I have. As of now, I think I can count up to 32 pairs of Nike/Jordan brand shoes scattered around my house in my closet, under my bed, in the garage and in other parts unknown. Back when I used to work at Foot Locker (which was pretty much like a diabetic working at a See's Candy store), I would buy about 1 pair of shoes every two weeks. Now I'm lucky if I get a pair every few months. Luckily enough, I've found better things to spend money on, like food and DVD's.....

Kool Keith apparently knows about the whole "Garfield Happy Meal Mug" deal. I actually had all four in the set, even having doubles or triples of a particular mug. Unfortunately, in the past 15 years or so, I've seen that collection die a slow death. One after another, we'd break these precious mugs in the sink or they've fall off the table. Now we're down to one, the one with the see saw when Garfield is on one side and everybody else is on the other. I think I'm going to have to buy a set on eBay...

Now I have to warn Ang that "Boys Don't Cry" isn't exactly a movie that you should avoid. It is just the type of movie that gets you so emotionally involed that you will feel spent and borderline scarred at the end of the movie. It is, though, and excellent movie, as is "Unfaithful", but they are disturbing in different ways.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

I Spend A Lot Of Time On The Internet...

This is what I do on the Internet....

My New Favorite Peer 2 Peer Sharing Program: SoulSeek

Download at

The Message Board I Moderate:

Note: I used to be a huge sneaker fanatic before I didn't have money. I loved shoes so much I became a Moderator on an Internet Shoe Message Board. I know, I know. It's not exactly anything to be bragging about.....

The Best Hip Hop Music Site Ever:

Note: Great reviews. Great news. Great products.

The Devil In Sheep's Clothing:

Note: Ever feel the need to buy Garfield Mug's from a 1983 McDonald's Happy Meal ? Well, you can find it, along with the rest of the world's pile of junk at eBay.

These Things Should Come With A Warning Or Something.....

"Unfaithful", starring Diane Lane and Richard Gere must have been the most disturbing movies I've ever watched since "Boys Don't Cry". This movie should come with a damn warning on the front that says "You May Never Look At Your Significant Other The Same Again After This Movie". I swear, as secure as any relationship may be, this movie fucks with your mind. Richard Gere was a good guy in this movie. Diane Lane's character had NO JUSTIFIED MOTIVE to cheat on him. If Richard Gere played an asshole, then I wouldn't have even flinched. But he was good. Good-natured. Good-hearted. To top all that, they had a son!!!

It's a good thing that Diane Lane has this "Hot" factor going on or else I wouldn't be able to look at her ever again. Plus, this movie is teeming with sex scenes to the point that you'd think that you were watching soft-core porn (Not that I know what that's like. What's the point of soft-core porn, anyway?).

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Or Is It Vice Versa?

S t o k e r [5:09 PM]: u NorCal heads are crazy

S t o k e r [5:09 PM]: Socal is melllow

D0NNIEVEGA [5:09 PM]: are you retarded? We're the mellow ones...

S t o k e r [5:10 PM]: yeah fuckin right

S t o k e r [5:10 PM]: raider fans

D0NNIEVEGA [5:10 PM]: you guys are the ones running around with a syringe of botox in one hand and a script in the other

S t o k e r [5:10 PM]: lol

Monday, February 17, 2003

I Get Junk Mail.....

Apparently, somebody knows about my penis size....

Subj: Not Just One Inch.....But FOUR…!!EAGVJE
Date: 2/17/03 8:16:21 AM Pacific Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

World's #1 Enlargement Technique!!

No pumps, No pills, No gadgets, or other rip-offs!

Every Man Wishes He Had a Larger one...

...And My Internet Browsing Habits........

Subj: Remember me?
Date: 2/17/03 4:42:15 AM Pacific Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hey there! My name's Anastasia, and I'm currently studying Political Science at Boston University, I'm hoping to get into Law at Yale next year , but before my adult life begins (and have to act all mature haha) - I decided to have some fun with my webcam. But first, check out my pics. I got together with some of my girlfriends from the Dorm and we all decided that between class we should use my webcam to chat with people and play around. At first I was really well behaved and just enjoyed making friends, but after a while I enjoyed flirting so much I just love being naughty and doing a bit of a strip dance in front of the camera…haha I know! My parents would probably cut off my college fund .. But they really don't have to know do they? :) Anyway, if you're up for some fun with me and my dorm mates Christy and Susan, click here for my cam!

Oh, The Irony!!

At the bottom of several of these junk emails, you can read this:

We are strongly against sending unsolicited emails to those who do not wish to receive our special mailings. You have opted in to one or more of our affiliate sites requesting to be notified of any special offers we may run from time to time. We also have attained the services of an independent 3rd party to overlook list management and removal services. This is NOT unsolicited email. If you do not wish to receive further mailings, please CLICK HERE to be removed from the list. Please accept our apologies if you have been sent this email in error. We honor all removal requests.


"The Ol' Ball n' Chain"

My Love Of My Life and I are getting married!!!! The plans are almost set and it looks like it's going to be a quick 2003. The date is set for the October 4th weekend in Las Vegas. I am definitely excited and am ready to take that next step in our relationship. I've been ready. A lot of people wonder how you know if you are with the right person. There is that cliche that you just "know".

I know. And I'm happy.

This Weekend Is A Day Longer Than Normal.....

To compensate for the extra long weekend, My Main Squeeze and I decided to spend some extra money. After breaking the box spring of our bed (get your head out of the gutter, you sewer rat) and a sudden discovery of about 5 actual bed springs COMING OUT OF THE MATRESS itself, we finally bought a new matress/box spring set. Nothing special and actually on the economical side of things, I still got that weird "I spent too much money" feeling that I haven't felt since we bought our first car together last year. I have a hard time spending money because I know how terrible I am at managing it.

Ego Trippin'

D0NNIEVEGA [11:45 PM]: you should put a huge fat link to my blog on your blog
D0NNIEVEGA [11:45 PM]: because you care
Faboo LADI [11:45 PM]: we'll see *l*
D0NNIEVEGA [11:45 PM]: and i need my ego stroked that way


One of my very good and long time friends, Jan AKA lmntal is one of the most talented and dedicated people I know. He's all about his music and is an excellent example of what Hip Hop and Hip Hop music is all about. Are you tired of the "jiggy" and "bling bling" that commerical Hip Hop brings to the table? Check his music out at his new Website that is currently under contruction. Dowload and listen to "Plastic Princess" and "Radical Thoughtz". Support what is good in Hip Hop.

Friday, February 14, 2003

The Wee First Hours of Valentine's Day Are Pretty Darn Uneventful

It's Valentine's Day and I can't sleep. It's not because I don't have a Valentine(like numerous people I've spoken to in the past week or so). My son's mother is sleeping in our bed as I type. I can't sleep because my friend just put me on to this "blog" stuff. The convo went something like this:

Me: what are you doing up anyway?
Her: I have no clue
Her: thinking of stuff to add to my blog
Me: wtf is a blog?
Me: sounds like a pelvic itch
Me: "yo, i just got that cream for my blog. good thing it's not contagious"
Me: weblog
Her: online diary
Me: ahhhhhhh
Me: i want one of those
Me: but i doubt it would be any fun to read
Her: u want a pelvic itch?

I'm always telling people that comedy is everywhere. As I'm telling the same person that same exact thing, comedy ensues.

Her: awwwww, crap, dood
Her: I was working on a blog entry, had a lot typed out, clicked on your link
Her: window changed to your blog
Me: hahah
Me: haha
Her: clicked back
Me: hhahahahah
Her: entry gone
Me: hahahaha
Me: hahahaha

I bet her that no one would read this. I think I won that bet.


With that said, share the love on Valentine's Day, whether it be telling a loved one that you love them or having a foursome with a redwood.